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Green IT governance

More and more companies are considering Green IT as key differenciator. What about you?

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Green IT Portal for CIO & IT Managers in Europe
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Green IT :: Drive it before it drives you !

Green IT news
Green electronics ranking Looking for the Greenest server, laptop, desktop? Dell, Apple, HP, IBM/Lenovo ? Check the Green Electronics ranking.
It spans 18 top manufacturers of personal computers, mobile phones, TV's and games consoles according to their policies on toxic chemicals and recycling.

Strategy & governance

- 10 ways to green your brand
- In Search of Green IT Governance
Green IT quick wins

- Duplex Printing Calculator ( only)
Laws & regulations

- EU WEEE Regulation

Green IT News
No more datacenter in London before 2012?
Datacenterjournal.com > How will the 2012 Olympics Impact the London Power Supply and your Data Center?

Energy & Datacenter

- Datacenter Power Trends by Josh Snowhorn
- Data Center Performance Measurement to Mitigate Challenges
- Accurately measure DC Power
Green buildings

- Green office @ Cisco
Green consortium

- The Green Grid
Green electronics

Carbon footprint

- CO2Logic


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